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Shipping FAQ

What are your shipping rates?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all US and International orders

How long does it take to deliver my item?

Your order ships out within 1-3 days from purchase date.

Delivery Time Estimate for US Orders

  • 4-13 days for regular items shipped from our warehouse in US.
  • 10-20 days (or shorter if indicated on product page under Delivery Estimate tab) for products shipped from our warehouse abroad.

Delivery Time Estimate for International Orders

Delivery times vary depending on your location outside the US. For inquiries, please call +1-702-472-8682 or email us [email protected] preferably before placing your order. 

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Why do multiple items ordered arrive in separate packages?

Orders of multiple items usually will have each item type fulfilled by different warehouses abroad or within the United States. So, those items will reach your location in separately delivered packages. This is due to logistical reasons, where items may not all be in the same warehouse or city.

Packages may or may not have a tracking #. Orders shipped from abroad will have an International tracking number, Orders over $40 will be shipped with tracking numbers. Most of the time, these packages will arrive on different days, sometimes a few days apart, or even a couple weeks apart.

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